Intralinks Communauté, Inc. is known as a global technology provider of enterprise effort and inter-enterprise content operations solutions. This company offers a multitude of software, expertise, and applications to help organizations share and control information around their boundaries. Its range topping product, Intralinks One, can be used by establishments of all sizes to share paperwork, presentations, and other information with each other. This company offers a range of collaboration tools that can help businesses maximize the value of their information and increase their productivity and profitability.

Intralinks has a robust set of collaboration software and online file sharing solutions to help businesses communicate across all their boundaries. The business offers alternatives to get legal management, regulatory risk management, capital raising, and also other enterprise cooperation needs. The company offers a range of customizable plans, together with a plan that supports multiple locations. Furthermore to including with existing applications, Intralinks is also easy to customize, allowing establishments to personalize the solution designed for specific business needs.

Intralinks UNshare features auto encryption of documents and enables you to arranged permissions and controls above who can check out and change the information. You may also revoke usage of documents whenever you want. Intralinks can be GDPR-compliant, and documents are backed by an audit trek. Its portable applications enable you to access documents from everywhere, even while travelling. There is a cellular app that helps employees gain access to and share data files, regardless of device they use.